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Bookkeeping is the foundation of maintaining a successful business. An accurate and detailed ledger keeps you up to date on the financial health of your company and provides transactional records for future use. Our team specializes in many types of industries, including restaurants, franchise owners, law firms, construction companies, and real estate agencies. Xendoo moves quickly so you can make informed decisions faster.

We have worked with a diverse clientele of small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to make informed financial decisions. Select the right business entity, understand your requirements as a business owner, understand your industry, and start your business on a solid foundation. All your monthly bookkeeping tasks are handled for a low fixed monthly rate with no long-term contracts. © 2023 Michael W. Rose, CPA, PC – All Rights Reserved Accountant websites designed by Build Your Firm, providers of CPA and accounting marketing services. With FAS by your side, you can see your business operating performance on a timely and accurate manner. With confidence, you can use this financial intelligence to drive your business forward.

Bookkeeping Services Houston

Naomi’s Tax & Bookkeeping Services provides the best quality services so that their clients can establish proper control of their financial matters and concentrate on growing their business. We offer sophisticated accounting solutions that will give your business an edge. We’ll keep your books organized and accurate, deliver useful financial reports, and implement tax planning strategies to minimize your tax burden. By focusing on ways to maximize tax savings, utilizing the most effective technologies, and maintaining an impeccable reputation, we’re a partner in your success at every step. Our Accounting firm provides accounting services for all types of small businesses in the Houston area. Global FPO provides Houston, TX businesses with innovative online bookkeeping services using the latest technology and software.

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Accurate bookkeeping is essential to any company, regardless of its size. For the owner of a midsize to large business, trying to keep on top of financial records while managing the rest of your company can feel tedious and draining. We can provide efficient and precise bookkeeping services to Houston restaurants, franchise owners, and other businesses, allowing you to focus your efforts where they will benefit your business most. Accountants do not automatically have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation unless they have passed the Uniform CPA Examination and received the proper license.

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Our chief financial officer offerings are part of our more complex, advisory services. Whether we provide you with a virtual CFO, fractional CFO, or a combination of the two, Acuity can help you plan for the future with your finances. Our accounts receivable management offerings help you keep your payments in check. By taking the customer collections off of you, we can get you to that pay day without ruining relationships with customers. Our tax offerings center around making sure that your business is in compliance.

Accountants’ rates vary based on their education, licenses, experience, and the work for which they are being hired. Hourly rates can range as widely as $40 per hour to $300 or more per hour, depending on your geographic location and the accountant. Check out the average hourly rate for accounting services in your region. Accountants are financial professionals who have received an accounting degree from a four-year university or college. By trade, accountants prepare, maintain and examine the financial statements of an individual, business or institution. An accountant prepares reports for tax purposes and can also perform audits of public companies.

How much do accountants charge for tax help?

Parady Bookkeeping has over 12 years of experience in records management and bookkeeping. It provides its clients with several bookkeeping package inclusions that meet their needs and requirements. As a small business owner, your list of things to do can seem never ending. Add bookkeeping to that list and you will barely have time to run your business. Small business bookkeeping is a tedious process that requires countless hours of data entry and book reconciliation. Paramount Tax offers quality Houston / Bellaire bookkeeping services for small business so you can stay focused on the important stuff.

  • Tax filing is easy when you have professionals on your side.
  • If you receive the particular notice while we take care of your accounts.
  • Not only will we take care of the tedious paperwork and bookkeeping for you, but we will also advise and guide you on the best course of action for your business.
  • According to the American Institute of CPAs, certified public accountant (CPAs) financially advise individuals, big companies and small businesses to help them reach their financial goals.

Our outstanding work with clients over the past 15 years has earned us the reputation of being one of the best companies offering bookkeeping and tax services in the Greater Houston area. We support and work with most major accounting and bookkeeping software platforms, making it easy to outsource to us and keeping you in control of your financial data. We provide easy-to-understand financial statements and reports that give you visibility into your business’s finances so you can make informed decisions and grow your business. You manage your business, and let us handle your financial affairs. EBetterBooks is the all-in-one solution your company can rely on for everything from bookkeeping to tax preparation.


Every small business in Houston deserves to have a dedicated bookkeeping and accounting team. Our U.S.-based experts do your day-to-day bookkeeping, compliant tax filing, painless payroll processing, and more. All with a human touch and tech that integrates with your platforms seamlessly. Michael W. Rose, CPA, PC understands that small business owners need a qualified financial partner they know and trust.

bookkeeper services houston

We offer affordable bookkeeping services so you can keep your business running smoothly without breaking the bank. A certified public accountant (CPA) typically charges $220 to prepare and file a Form 1040 and a state tax return without itemized deductions, compared to $323 for an itemized Form 1040 and state tax return. The key financial counseling that your company needs is provided by our certified chartered accountants and financial professionals.

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Our bookkeepers have years of experience and are experts in bookkeeping for businesses of all sizes. Tax filing is easy when you have professionals on your side. To keep your records current, we put you in touch with professional bookkeepers. With our year-round tax assistance, you won’t ever have to be bookkeeping services houston afraid about missing a deadline. By committing to offer a slew of services, we support your growth as your accounting needs change. It can be a balancing act of optimizing the service level that our clients need, so we consistently check in on what our clients are doing and how we can better serve them.

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